Christmas Time

I will be moving offices at work in the new year to start teaching ESOL so whilst there is no clients in work and very little admin to do I have been relaxing and finalising bits for getting married. 

I have managed to print out all of my invites so far and in the middle of printing the envelopes (Well, designing them at least!) which are going to get sealed with wax for that authentic look! They have been printed on Ryman’s ivory parchment paper with envelopes to match. I still need to create some RSVPs which is my job for Christmas Eve! 

I said I would be posting about things close to my heart, including childhood cancer and I promise I will get around to it. My cousin who has been battling this hideous disease finally got beat by it and passed away in November so haven’t really been thinking about it since. 

Christmas is my favourite time of year, more now as I have my little Rose to show the magic to. My family normally go up to my aunties, who conveniently lives about 10 doors up from us, for Christmas dinner, then evening we may be going up to my brother in laws house. Boxing Day, my little one will be at her biological fathers house meeting her new half brother Xander, before meeting me and her daddy at my mums for Xmas day #2. 

Anyway I hope you all have a good Christmas and new year and if you don’t celebrate then Happy Holidays! Let me know what kind of traditions you and your family have! 


Wedding Planning

So I’ve been considerably quiet since posting my first post and that’s because I’ve been spending my time planning for my big day.

We have the date and venue booked, my dress is bought along with shoes, bag, flowers, accessories etc but I still need a veil, make up artist, and all the other bits for bridesmaids and flower girls etc as well as a photographer.

It feels like I’ve got so much done but at the same time very little too. And then there’s my hubby to be and his groomsmen, who need suits. 

We are having a Harry Potter themed evening party so expect some snippets of what’s to come 🙂 from wands to he house colours, the  sorting hat to golden snitches and maybe even the lost diadem of ravenclaw!  

We have asked all our guests to do a quiz for the sorting hat, but may have to scrap that idea as most people came out as Gryffindor or Ravenclaw! So thing everyone’s just going to get a random selection 🙂

Has anybody else planned a wedding before or helped to plan a wedding? I’m curious about what unique and eccentric ideas you all came up with?  

Enter Kiwi and The Rose

Hey there, I’m Kiwi and that’s me on the right with my daughter ‘The Rose’ who is 16 months old almost. 

I wanted to start this blog to talk about issues close to my heart; childhood cancer, depression and anxiety, domestic abuse, and everything else I decide to talk about. 

Obviously my real name isn’t Kiwi and my daughter isn’t called Rose but for the purposes of my blog that is how I will be referring to the pair of us.
So here’s a little about me, I am 25 and I am engaged to a wonderful guy who has taken on my Rose and I since I escaped an abusive relationship with Rose’s biological father and we will be tying the knot in 13 months time! 

I suffer with depression and anxiety myself and obviously as a victim of domestic abuse I will probably end up ranting to about how shitty people are but also about how I got the help I needed to overcome my issues.

As for the childhood cancer, my cousin Jess is currently battling this horrendous disease, she is only 17 and had been given the all clear a couple of weeks ago but has now relapsed so she is continuing the fight and hopefully she overcomes it fully and can live a normal life again.

As I stated previously there will be posts about other issues and topics, and if you feel like you need someone to talk to, rant to or even ask for advice by all means please contact me – if I do post anything from my readers it will stay anonymous but once I have a permanent email set up for this then I will share it with you on here.

Have fun reading and I hope one day I change one of your lives for the better, whilst I’m still fighting. 

Ciao xx